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Elite FIT Classes

What is Elite FIT?

With all the different types of fitness training  available we have observed that one outcome seams to persist. What is that outcome you ask????  Injury.  Thats right.  Injury.  You may be wondering if dead-lifting 300lbs for 5 sets of 30 reps as a 37 year old desk jockey is dangerous?  Well yes it is.

Elite FIT is our solution to this problem.  Elite FIT stands for Elite’s Functional Interval Training.  Over the years Elite Healthcare has been treating clients and coaching trainers how to train around their injuries.  But communication breakdowns are a given.  We decided that someone needs to come up with a way to streamline this process.  So we have hand selected trainers that meet our standards and have incorporated them into our system.  Elite FIT instructors have direct and immediate access to physicians and clinical data to allow for the best outcome without injury or overtraining.  Our instructors will customize workouts to suit the needs and demands of ANY client.  GO AHEAD CHALLENGE THEM!

Private Sessions

We individualize fitness plans in a one on one, one on two, one on three, or a group setting.  We provide a functional evaluation, determine your desired outcome and work in conjunction with physicians when needed to get the results you demand.


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