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Elite Wellness Solutions

Elite Wellness Solutions specializes in developing innovating strategies that combat the negative effects of endless hours of sedentary office work. We offer a customized approach to encourage employees and staff to become more active throughout the workday. Our goal is to empower employees and teach simple, yet effective movements, which will increase productivity and promote healthier lives.

To achieve our educational mission, we will:

  • Change the paradigm associated with how employees approach activity  through their work day.
  • Educate on the negative long term effects of excessive sedentary behavior
  • Provide interactive workshops allowing one on one training to ensure the mastering of the techniques of our simple activities, yielding optimum compliance and results.

The coordinator of Elite Wellness Solutions, Dr. Mark Baker, D.C has been helping people live healthier lives for over 25 years. While serving in the US Army as a Master Fitness instructor, he educated our finest soldiers and brought them to their peak performance. Dr. Baker founded Elite Healthcare in 2002 in order to provide highly focused, state of the art help to the every day citizen looking to increase their fitness lifestyles. While extraordinarily popular in the Lincoln Park, Chicago neighborhood, Dr. Baker is also adamantly sought out by Olympic and professional athletes for his expertise in optimizing the human performance.  He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to help their employees break out of their sedentary behaviors.

Currently, he has been collaborating with the corporate world to develop innovative solutions that break the mold of outdated corporate wellness strategies.  Call us for a free consultation and find out how we can help your organization promote a healthier workforce.

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