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Nutritional Counseling

nutrit1Most diets are built around the goal of losing weight. They tend to focus on calorie restriction in order to starve the fat from the body and have a predefined time frame. The reason for this cut off date is that calorie restriction is difficult and it leaves the dieter feeling not very good. They battle cravings and hunger.

Bulletproof© doctors approach nutrition from a mind-body and spirit perspective. Not only should what you eat make you look your best but it should also make you feel your best. They have extensive training and education in the biochemistry and physiology of food and supplements.

Dr. Patrick Eley attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, and has completed 100 hours in postgraduate study at the Carrick Institute Of Neuroscience with a continual focus on the holistic application of food in healing and wellness. He has substantial postgraduate hours in nutritional continuing education and five years of proven clinical results. His areas of expertise include ADHD, pediatrics, strength athletes, MMA, digestive disorders, and pain management.

Dr. Patrick Eley, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutritional Counselor

Dr. Patrick Eley, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic,
Nutritional Counselor

“My nutrition work not only causes you to lose weight but gives you an edge mentally, increasing clarity, and energy. Rather than feeling like you’re better because you’ve lost weight you really are better. I do not use a cookie-cutter diet for each client. Some people do better with high-protein, some people will have the best results with high fat and some people with high carbohydrates. Some people will be optimized eating meat regularly and others will need a more vegetarian approach. What all diets should have in common, and what a Bulletproof doctor assures, is that what you eat is nutrient dense.” – Dr. Patrick Eley, D.C.


Fatigue, headaches, ADHD, and pain can all be caused by nutrient deficiencies. In his practice, Dr. Eley synthesizes all of the strengths from Paleo, Bulletproof©, anti-inflammatory, vegetarian, vegan, amongst other proven nutritional approaches. He creates nutritional plans that fit each client rather than making each client fit a nutrition plan.

Your first visit is an educational question-and-answer session, so that Dr. Eley may understand your nutritional and lifestyle goals.  You then establish a need for any lab testing or food logs. Follow-up visits will outline a dietary game plan to make what you eat optimal for improving your life.

Don’t waste anymore time on trends and fads that were designed for “everyone”… not for YOU.  Contact our office today with any questions – our friendly front desk staff and Dr. Eley are ready to help you find your most Elite self!

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