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How Physical Therapy Can Prevent Injuries

At some point in life, everyone can benefit from the restorative services of physio therapy or physical therapy. If you drive a car, sit long hours on the computer, or lift weights, you have probably developed some muscle imbalances or mobility limitations that may leave you prone to serious injury.

A thorough evaluation by a trained therapist or Physician can find many problems before they become full blown injuries.  To correct muscle imbalances and mobility limitations, there are corrective exercises that can be done to resolve these issues.  We call these exercises prehab exercises. These exercises are preventative in nature and help prevent and help correct issues you may have so that you can avoid an injury and lengthy rehabilitation. Prehab exercises strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, adding necessary stability to enable you to have optimum performance while avoiding injury.

Everyone should include prehab exercises in their training. A personalized prehab program, developed by an expert, can consider specific needs associated with certain sports. For instance, a swimmer can help prevent a shoulder injury by doing prehab exercises for the entire shoulder area. A sample program would include scapular stabilization, exercises for all muscles in the shoulder region, upper back and the rotator cuff. The goal is to strengthen all the muscles that are used in the swimming movement.  Let one of our experts perform a thorough evaluation to see what prehab exercises can do for you.